About Hairmio

We believe that anyone considering hair transplantation surgery and is actively looking for a clinic, hospital and a surgical team should have access to information to make an informed decision. This is even more important if you are someone thinking about going abroad for treatment to take advantage of the huge discounts without compromising on quality and the standards you expect.

At Hairmio we want to go a step further – by collaborating with a small selection of highly qualified and internationally accredited surgeons, we have compiled a list of hair transplant packages for you to review and compare.

We do not specifically endorse any particular package or surgeon, rather operate as an independent aggregator, encouraging prospective patients to contact and communicate with care providers directly before making a decision or choosing a package.

All too often, patients are left to fend for themselves with too little treatment information, long waiting times, and no individualised care support. At Hairmio is it our aim to ensure that patients have access to appointments as and when it suits them, no patient is left in the dark about their treatment option, and patients are offered the necessary support before, during and after their treatment.