About Mono Medical Center

General Information:

Our hospital serves over 10.000 patients each year since 2005 with highly qualified medical professionals and staff members by adopting the principles of excellent services, building peace, trust, customer satisfaction, openness to innovation, criticism and respectability. It also sets out to offer the best in its field and took this goal as its base. With its long years of experience, knowledge and work experience in the same sector, it provides a customer oriented, accurate and high quality service.

Mono Hair Clinic is located in Göktürk; known as little Italy and closest town to Istanbul’s new airport. It takes only 25 mins to reach the city’s the most famous square, Taksim. Göktürk; an unrivalled oasis for a happy and lively life beyond being an ideal place to live in with its nature, living concept and world standard facilities. The region characterised by the natural beauty of Belgrad Forest, home to infinite bird species, the ponds and lakes and the water ducts by the greatest Turkish architect Mimar Sinan, is also the residence of an elite community. Designed as meticulously as the indoor ones, the outdoor spaces are forested with handpicked trees.

What do we serve?

Medical Aesthetics and Plastic Surgeries, Oral and Dental Health, Hair Transplantation(FUE and DHI), Personally based check-up programmes

Dr Ekin Meşe Say

Dr. Ekin Meşe Say is a qualified dermatologist, a medical practitioner qualified to diagnose and treat skin conditions. As a result, Dr Ekin Meşe Say and her team of specialists are well suited and experienced to evaluate conditions which could result in hair loss, and where possible, provide treatment.

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