Is Hair Transplant For You?

Unfortunately not everyone will be eligible for hair transplant surgery. To determine whether hair transplant surgery will work for you, you will need to undergo an assessment. In fact, without prior approval from your prospective surgeon, no booking can be completed. To assess your suitability for treatment please contact us using the enquiry form below or email us with pictures of the top of your head, as seen in the image guide below.

What Does The Pre-Assessment Entail?

You may choose to review and select a hair transplant package provided by one of the surgeons we have listed, or you may prefer to contact Hairmio first for assistance with choosing a package that suits you. Either way, in order to provide a quote, treatment plan and confirm your suitability for hair transplant surgery, we will require photos of the treatment area.

The pictures you provide will be shared with surgeons and their team of experts who will do an initial review to establish suitability, then, if approved, determine the amount of grafts that can be extracted and implanted to get the best result.

This will then set up the framework for the treatment provider to give a quote and provide a detailed treatment plan which outlines what is included in the treatment package offered to you.

Photo Guide