Hair loss will affect most men at some point in their lives. For some this may occur in early life while in others it can be a much slower process. Nonetheless, when it does eventually happen it can be a big concern which can cause a lot of worry and unnecessary stress.If you are a resident of Derby, a city on the banks of the River Derwent in Derbyshire, and you are looking for a solution for your thinning or balding hairline, you may have already started doing research on hair transplant surgery in your area. You may have already reached out to local hair transplant clinics for an assessment or even considered a non-surgical solution to hair loss.

Typically, the cost of treatments, especially hair transplant surgery, can be very expensive in the UK. Derby is no different to many other towns and cities in the UK when it comes to the cost of treatment. A full hair restoration can cost tens of thousands of pounds at local clinics which is why so many men are looking for low cost, high quality, alternatives.

Hair Transplant Surgery Turkey

Over the past decade or so, Turkey has been experiencing a huge surge in the numbers of people travelling to the country for all manner of cosmetic treatments, not just hair transplants. While on the surface it would seem that most people simply want to take advantage of the amazing prices on offer, in reality it boils down to so much more than that.

The Cost
It’s true that the cost of hair transplant in Turkey is much cheaper than at home in Derby; you could stand to save thousands on the ultimate cost of your treatment.

you could save as much as £15,000 on the cost of your treatment, and this includes not only the treatment itself and the additional costs for consultations, post-operative care and medications too, but in many cases can also include your travel and accommodation while in the country too.

The Surgeons
With so many patients being treated in the country each and every day, Turkey’s surgeons and medical specialists see so much more action than the typical surgeon elsewhere in the world—especially the UK.

This has only lead to the men and women working in the country’s surgical world to become some of the most skilled and experienced around, and you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone else undergoing such intense levels of training.

Medical Guidelines and Adherence to International Standards
Turkey’s medical guidelines are incredibly strict, and they’re clearly laid out for every single person operating in the medical industry. The men and women working in the industry can expect random on the spot visits at any time from the Ministry of Health to ensure that all of their rules and regulations are being fully adhered to.

Travel From Derby to Turkey for Treatment

Turkey is a popular travel destination for British travelers and continues to have high numbers of tourists visiting every year.

Travel to Turkey no longer requires a visit to the local Turkish embassy or consulate or getting a visa on arrival at the border. It’s now possible to travel with a new e-visa, which has replaced the traditional visa.

The nearest airport to Derby is East Midlands airport which is 9 miles away. Other nearby airports include Birmingham (34.4 miles), Manchester (45.3 miles), London Luton (86.2 miles) and London Stansted (103 miles). This gives anyone wanting to travel from Derby to Turkey plenty of options to find a flight at a fair price.