We’re all probably prepared to experience some degree of hair loss sooner or later, but for those that already There are all manner of options out there when it comes to hair loss treatments, and for those looking to find something to treat their own shedding hair, it can often feel like a bit of a minefield trying to find the right one.

For the uninitiated, the main causes of hair loss come down to two main factors: our inherited genetics, and the amount of a hormone known as DHT (dihydrotestosterone) that we have in our system. Ultimately there’s not much of anything that can be done to prevent or alter our predisposition for losing hair as we age, but there are a few products available that can help curb its effects.

One of these products is Alpecin caffeine shampoo, and we’ll be taking a deep dive into it and seeing exactly what effects and side effects it can have when it comes to rejuvenating our thinning scalps.

What is Alpecin Shampoo?

Alpecin shampoo is a caffeine based treatment for hair loss, which also features niacin, zinc, and vitamin A. It helps to stimulate hair growth at the root, and with regular use, it can encourage speedier growth.

The caffeine in the shampoo can be a great benefit when it comes to strengthening and providing volume for the hair. As long as it’s being properly applied and left in the hair for at least two minutes at a time, then we could start to see some positive changes.

What does Alpecin Do?

After a successful study in 2007 proved that caffeine can stimulate hair regrowth in a petri dish, much debate has gone into whether or not a caffeine shampoo would actually be able to replicate the same success when applied to the scalp in the form of shampoo, and thus far it’s not fully endorsed by the medical community.

Each and every year however more and more research is being done on caffeine shampoos and their ability to stimulate hair regrowth, and it’s not hard to find plenty of happy customers online who’ve benefitted from products like Alpecin.

The fact of the matter though is that there’s not quite enough clinically viable evidence to go on thus far—at least not as far as the scientists are concerned—that caffeine shampoos are able to provide a long-lasting remedy for male pattern hair loss.

How Does Alpecin Shampoo Work?

It’s not currently entirely clear exactly how Alpecin shampoo works, despite all of the tests and studies looking into the matter. While it is clear that the previously mentioned study in 2007 showed that caffeine could indeed stimulate hair follicles and cause them to regrow in a petri dish, there’s not yet quite enough evidence to prove definitively whether or not it works on the scalp.

The way it’s believed to work though is by reducing the effect that testosterone has on the hair, helping to slow down any premature ageing and stimulate the hair follicles. The more the shampoo is used, the stronger the hairs should become at the root, keeping them nice and secure and preventing them from falling out.

What are the Direct Benefits of Alpecin Shampoo, and are there any Side Effects Associated with It?

Just as with anything there are a number of benefits and potential side effects you’ll want to make sure you’re aware of before committing to using Alpecin caffeine shampoo to treat your hair loss. As always, make sure to thoroughly read any information leaflets that come with the Alpecin shampoo, and consult a medical professional if you have any questions.

Some of the benefits of Alpecin shampoo include:

Alpecin shampoo can help to prevent hair loss: Alpecin shampoo can help to prevent any genetic hair loss you may be experiencing, strengthening the roots and helping them to stay in place for longer.

It can treat a number of scalp related issues: Not only can Alpecin shampoo potentially treat your hair loss, but it can also cure a few more scalp related issues too. Conditions like itchy skin, dandruff, and weak hair can benefit from caffeine shampoos such as Alpecin.

The caffeine helps to strengthen the hair follicles from the inside: When strengthening the hair, the caffeine in the Alpecin shampoo helps to do so by strengthening the follicles from the inside, providing extra sturdiness.

In addition to the above benefits associated with Alpecin shampoo, you should also be wary of the following side effects that, while rare, could still nevertheless potentially become an issue. These include:

Hair browning: One potential side effect of using Alpecin caffeine shampoo is hair browning. The majority of users report their hair turning a browner shade after prolonged use of the shampoo, thanks to the caffeine.

Hair thinning: It’s possible that, after some time, the shampoo may start to become ineffective and your hair could return to its thinning, shedding state, and you may find it’s no longer able to prevent any hair loss.

Red/burning scalp: It’s also possible that you could experience some redness or a burning sensation on the scalp after using Alpecin caffeine shampoo to treat your hair loss. Be sure to consult with a medical professional if you do.

Cost of Alpecin Shampoo

A 250ml bottle of Alpecin caffeine shampoo will set you back around £6, and is readily available over the counter at pharmacies, health stores and online.

While much more affordable than many alternative treatments, its effectiveness will cease as soon as you stop using it, meaning you’ll have to be committed to it for as long as you want to slow down your hair loss. Chances are you planned on using shampoo for the rest of your life anyway, so this isn’t as much of an issue as with other hair loss treatments.

Eventually, many hair loss treatments reach a point where their long term cost is greater than the cost of hair transplant surgery, and this is worth considering before you commit to a potential lifetime of using Alpecin shampoo.

Many men dealing with male pattern hair loss will ultimately find themselves taking a huge hit to their mental health, with self-esteem and confidence plummeting. With the help of Alpecin shampoo, you could slow down your hair loss, restore your own head of hair and regain your self-confidence again in no time.