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Suzermed Clinic

Suzermed Clinic provides medical services for hair transplants and plastic surgery. Its team of professionals includes plastic surgeons, supervisory nurses, paramedics, hair transplant specialists, technicians, interpreters, and other support service officers.

Suzermed works in collaboration with Acibadem Hospital Group, the leading general purpose healthcare company in Turkey. Acıbadem Atakent Hospital & Acıbadem Altunizde Hospital are the two main facilities where treatments are carried out. Both hospitals are JCI and ISO Accredited and have approximately more than 60 thousand square metres of closed space.

The Package

What does the price include?

  • 3 Nights at a 4 Star Hotel(Holiday Inn-Ramada Asia Hotel & ByOtell Istanbul) or, for an extra €450, 3 nights VIP accommodation at the Ritz Carlton Istanbul
  • Airport transfers (flight not included)
  • All necessary blood analysis before the procedure in the hospital
  • The operation by Suzermed Clinic is carried out in Acibadem Altunizade Hospital
  • All necessary medication (Painkillers – Antibiotic – Anti swollen – Aspirine) with shampoo, lotion and exclusive cotton pillow
  • PRP treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma )
  • Washing your hair, then clarifying the best way to take care of your new hair on the third day
  • Translator during your medical journey.
  • Guarantee certification


Day 1

Arrival Day

On arrival you will be picked up from our office inside the airport (Acibadem Health Point) and transferred to your hotel by one of our drivers. To get the Acibadem Health Point Office, you should pass the passport control and the baggage claim area. If you cannot locate the office, airport personnel will guide you to it.

Day 2

Treatment Day

You will be picked up from the hotel at 08:00 and transfer to the hospital. Once at the hospital the pre-operative procedures will begin. This will include, Blood Tests (STD) and a Doctor Consultation. Following this, the hair transplantation can begin which can take up to 5-7 hours to complete. After the treatment is complete you will be transferred back to your hotel to rest and recover.

Day 3

Post-Op Check & Bandage Removal

The day after the procedure, you will be picked up from the hotel at 12:00 and taken back to the hospital for the bandage removal, which will take around 15 minutes. Once the bandage is removed and the checks are complete, you will be returned to the hotel. The rest of the day you are free to relax and enjoy yourself, taking in as much of the beauty and culture Istanbul has to offer.

Day 4

First Wash & Departure

On your final day, you will be picked up from the hotel at an agreed time for the first wash at the hospital. Once this is done and final checks are completed, transfer to the airport can be arranged in accordance to the flight time. If you have any time between your wash and departure, you will be free to continue exploring the city.

Arrival Day

Treatment Day

Post-Op Check

First Wash & Departure

The Hospital

Acibadem Hospital Group

Acibadem Hospital Group is a leading provider of healthcare services in Turkey with 24 hospitals and 13 outpatient clinics and supporting service companies. In addition to hospitals and clinics, Acıbadem Healthcare Group offers a special integrated healthcare ecosystem. This ecosystem includes various healthcare support institutions and a University.

Acıbadem University trains healthcare students to be future healthcare professionals by using dynamic and contemporary educational programs with a strong academic teaching team.

As one of biggest healthcare institutions in the country, it has also established itself as a leading provider of healthcare service to international patients.

Acıbadem Atakent & Acıbadem Altunizde Hospitals

The hospitals are designed to emulate the luxurious residential developments in the Halkalı and Altunizade districts.

Constructed with an understanding that prioritises patient comfort and safety, Acıbadem Atakent & Acıbadem Altunizde Hospitals offers wide and spacious physical areas, contemporary architectural concepts, and are equipped with state-of-the-art products and tools to provide unrivalled service and care. Through these hospitals, Suzermed Clinic is able to provide exceptional services, with the aim to host patients and their relatives in the comfort of their own homes.

The hospitals also have 24+ two person rooms, 130+ single patient rooms, and 4+ suite rooms. All the rooms in the hospital were designed with a relaxing architecture, aiming to create maximum private space for the patients.

The Hotel

Ramada Asia Hotel - 4*

Relax and recover at our Ramada Istanbul Asia hotel, conveniently located in Istanbul’s new business district, near Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Sabiha Gokcen Airport, and all major attractions. Our clean and accommodating guest rooms were designed with your comfort in mind, featuring thoughtful amenities to brighten your stay.

Rooms feature flat-screen HDTVs, satellite TVs, iPod docking stations, and WiFi. Refuel with our delicious hot breakfast buffet. Other features include a fitness center, heated indoor pool, Turkish baths, and spa, as well as a lounge and restaurant. Other amenities include room service, free parking, and meeting rooms. Suites and non-smoking and accessible rooms are also available.

The Ritz Carlton Istanbul - 5* VIP

Set on the banks of the Bosphorus, The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul seamlessly integrates European style with Turkish tradition. Experience local customs, from welcome drinks like sahlep in the lobby to locally sourced olive oil at Atelier Real Food, and then relax in perfect luxury. This five-star hotel features redesigned accommodation, an outdoor spa, nearly 26,000 sq ft of event space and three restaurants and bars, all with Bosphorus views.

For a truly VIP experience choose to stay at one of Istanbul’s most luxurious hotels. Staying at the Ritz-Carlton will add an extra €450 to the cost of the treatment package.


Grafts Hospital Hotel Price Enquire
Fue - Maximum Suzermed Clinic Altunizade Ramada Asia From £1599 Enquire Now
Sapphire FUE - Maximum Suzermed Clinic Altunizade Ramada Asia From £1680 Enquire Now
DHI - 3000 Grafts Suzermed Clinic Altunizade Ramada Asia From £1940 Enquire Now
DHI - Maximum Suzermed Clinic Altunizade Ramada Asia From £2110 Enquire Now

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Next Steps

Treatments can vary from person to person as there are a number of factors to assess and consider before determining the type of treatment available to you. An initial suitability assessment needs to be carried out before booking any treatment. Please enquire through Hairmio to start your assessment.

Next Steps:

  • Submit an enquiry
  • Provide pictures of your head for doctor’s assess
  • Get a free consultation
  • Book treatment (no deposit required to book with Suzermed Clinic, proof of flight booking is sufficient)
Suzermed Clinic Suzermed Clinic


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Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5 stars (based on 11 reviews)
Very good0%

Mark messaged me before I went and even called when I came back which he said he would. So really great service from mark so 5 stars. Hopefully hair grows well and no problems

Rated 5 out of 5
March 16, 2020

Trip started not great, after arriving at airport my pick up was hour and a half late so I had to sit in the airport for this time. Finally got picked up and got driven to hotel. Driver didn’t speak word of English so the journey was good !! Arrived at holiday inn which was great, modern and looked great. Great hotel. No one gave me any pick up times etc… so I had to contact the treatment place at 10.30pm which again not great, pick up was 9am which is ok 👌🏻. Driven to hospital a small distance away and was greeted with the translator which was good because someone I could talk too. Got blood taken and needles into me but knew this anyway. Got taken to treatment place and met surgeon who was understanding and friendly, spoke about what I wanted and everything was fine. Went into room and started to get prepared. Whole treatment went good and really no pain apart from jags at the start which again I knew were coming. Had quick toilet and lunch break and back to the op. Finished op and got bandaged up etc… then taken back to my hotel but again no pick up times for the next day !!! Contact could be better, found out again 9am so needed a good night sleep haha. Got picked up next day, taken to hospital again where a nurse took my bandages off and cleaned the back of my head, once done all handshakes and time to get taken to the airport. Dropped at airport and travelled home. All in all contact could be better, more English speaking people but hey I did go to Turkey. I would recommend going here to anyone ! Costs are low and they do a great job. Miss out paying loads in Britain for the stake for a 4 hour plane journey.

Conan - United Kingdom

I would recommend Suzermed to anyone who was thinking of getting a hair transplant. I really enjoyed the experience and nothing could be done better.

Rated 5 out of 5
February 4, 2020

Suzermed was great. Hassan and the doctors were great and very knowledgable. I had some flight cancellations and my appointments needed to be rearranged which were done swiftly and easily. The facilities were clean and the hotel was great. The staff were very friendly and professional. I would recommend Suzermed to anyone who was thinking of getting a hair transplant. I really enjoyed the experience and nothing could be done better.

Iran - United Kingdom

Hasan who was the point of contact for my procedure made sure I had no unanswered questions and made the process completely stress free!

Rated 5 out of 5
December 12, 2019

If you’re thinking about having a hair transplant, I would highly recommend this clinic! The professionalism and communication throughout the whole procedure was second to none. Everything is already planned for you, and the process is as smooth as can be. Hasan who was the point of contact for my procedure made sure I had no unanswered questions and made the process completely stress free! 10/10 would highly recommend!

Danny A.- United Kingdom

I can definitely recommend this clinic, they are certificated, high standards, modern and luxurious. I did not expect this modern hospital and competent doctor. So I will give 5 Stars :-)

Rated 5 out of 5
December 12, 2019

For me, it was very difficult to chose the right clinic. There are many HT(Hairtransplant) provider. So I searched in the Internet, Instagram, Google, Review Sites for the “best” clinic. I wrote to a lot of clinics – instagram/whatsapp/fb/email and sent them my photos of the hairs. (front, back, top, video) I asked them about the price, situation of my hairs, who does operate and many more questions. Some were answering, a lot not. (or it took like 5 Weeks, a joke :-)) After they told me about the situation of my hairs and the price, I asked many more questions. (transfer, costs, hotel, operation, flight, medicaments, duration of the op, grafts, pre-op, post-op, airport, Istanbul, pictures of other patients, how to take care of the hairs, success rate, risks, doctor) Many clinics needed like 2-5 days per answer, really exhausting, other clinics did not answer. Some of them looked like they only want money and patients, just money focusing. Thats not what I want. If you google HT you will see many “Top-Results” .. I dont want to talk bad about them, but if you look closer u will see, they are only looking for maximum profit and money, the human/person doesnt matter, they only want your money. Operations done by the assistents and like 10-20 people per day, thats like a supermarket. So I looked for another one. They were also not so expensive like others – so I thought they only offer cheap/bad HT’s. But I talked/wrote with them.. I asked them the same questions, my concers, my problems.. And he always replied nice, and competent.. yeah I had a loft of questions, and while i were chatting with them, the questions became more and more. After they answered all my questions, I decided to to with them, even if I was not 100% sure. But the other clinics were not not trustfully enough. I booked the flight 3 Months later from germany to istanbul. I paid like 300€ for 2 flights (outward/return flight). You can save a lot of money if you book earlier! >>fast forward I took the flight from Germany to Istanbul (2h) and arrived in istanbul at 10PM. I should go to the healthpoint in the airport to meet the guys. I met the drive, and he took me to the hotel “Holiday Inn Kadikoy”. The hotelroom was really nice and luxurious so I could sleep very well. The next day, the driver picked me up and we drived to the hospital. Acıbadem is a really nice hotel, very very luxurious and modern, I was’nt really expecting this. Its really outstanding in the area, because its so modern that it does not fit into the enviroment in comparison to the the other buildings. I went in, and met “Hasan”, he was my contact person the whole time. We were talking a bit and heading to the doctor. I showed him my hairs, talked a bit about my hairs, my parents, my expectations. The next step was Operation.. We went the operation room, and the doctor shaved my head > bald head. Then he painted my new hairline on the head and we talked about. After this the operation started, they cut my new holes in the head (holes for the hairs), removed my hairs from the back and planted the hairs from the back into the new holes on my head. This took like 10/11 hours with breaks for toilet, food. Then they gave me the creme and medicaments, pillow with more informations what to do. After the 11 hours, they drove me back to the hotel where I could sleep. The next Day I was picked up again by the driver and we drove to the hospital. So they removed the bandage and washed my head and the doctor examined the head and everything was great. At home I did my daily routin with washing and creming and everything went fine, after 10days the bloody crust was gone. Now I write all the time with the clinic and send photos so I can be sure everything is fine. I can definitely recommend this clinic, they are certificated, high standards, modern and luxurious. I did not expect this modern hospital and competent doctor. So I will give 5 Stars 🙂

Zen B. - Germany

Hasan and Metin has been great to me start to finish.I would definitely recommend it to anybody.

Rated 5 out of 5
December 4, 2019

My name is Kyle from the Wales.Travelled all the way to Istanbul for a Hair Transplant at Suzermed Clinic.Hasan and Metin has been great to me start to finish.I would definitely recommend it to anybody.

Kyle - United Kingdom

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