Traveling abroad for hair transplant surgery is the most cost effective way to regain permanent hair. Istanbul is a popular destination with excellent connections to all major European cities, only 3.5 hours from London. Patients traveling to Istanbul can receive top quality hair transplant surgery from some of the best specialists in the world. Being a popular destination, patients traveling to Istanbul can choose to combine their visit with a long weekend break or a holiday to relax after their procedure. Whatever your personal preferences are, look through the packages offered by doctors below, and pick a package that suits you. Contact the hair transplant surgeon and their team directly, or get in touch with us for further assistance.

Hair loss is one of those problems that can destroy your confidence, as it highly affects your looks. And, if you or any of your loved ones are facing the problem of hair loss, then hair transplant in Istanbul is your best solution.

It’s time to cover the bald areas of your scalp with an effective solution. If you are looking for the best hair transplant in Istanbul, then your search ends at Hairmo.

There are people who come to Istanbul for hair transplantation, after trying everything and failing, to get the desired results. If you are one of those who are facing hair loss issues, you must come to Istanbul. We, at Hairmo, will provide you with a highly effective hair transplant in Istanbul and ensure you the desired results.

We have well-trained, skilled, and experienced professionals who use the latest techniques, innovative technology, and scientific approach to restore your hair successfully and safely.

Let’s Check Out Some Hair Transplant Basics From Us!

  • • People between the age group of 20 and 60 years can undergo hair transplant surgery
  • • Mostly it lasts about six to eight hours, but the duration of surgery fluctuates according to the number of grafts that needs to be transplanted
  • • The surgery is conducted in a fully-equipped hospital, to respond to any possible complications
  • • A patient undergoing a hair transplant surgery will require three days for recovering as well as pre-operative preparation.
  • • It takes around six months to three years to see the final outcome of hair growth.

Is Hair Transplant Right For You?

If you are looking for a viable solution for people who are experiencing hair loss, a hair transplant is an excellent option. We will always tell you whether the hair transplant right for you or not. There are several factors that we, at Hairmo, consider to assess a patient’s situation. From your current state of hair loss to the availability of healthy donor hair to the likely progression of hair loss, we assess all these factors before going ahead with hair transplant in Istanbul.

Thanks to the world-class experts present at Hairmo, we have earned the reputation for being the best when it comes to hair transplant in Istanbul. We are performing hair transplant for numerous years. Hairmo takes huge pride in helping people affected by hair loss to restore a sense of self-confidence and transform their lives.

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