Your guide to hair transplantation cost in the UK

  14th Mar 2021   /     Hairmio Team

There are many factors which determine the cost of hair transplant surgery. The cost of hair transplant in the UK usually starts from around £3,000 and costs as much as £15,000. However this is dependent on the type of the hair, the treatment technique and the size of the treatment area. On the positive side, costs are usually a one off, as hair transplant results are expected to be permanent.

How do clinics in the UK calculate hair transplant cost?

As we have previously mentioned, the cost of hair transplant surgery depends on a variety of factors, including the complexity of the procedure, as well as more specific characteristics related to the individual, for example, the amount of hair to transplant to achieve the patient’s desired results. It is important to bear in mind that the amount of hair that can be transplanted is dictated by what is available and suitable from the donor area.

In order to start planning your procedure, the clinic will need to carry out a more detailed analysis and assessment to determine what is right for you as an individual. It’s only after all of these personalised factors are evaluated that your hair transplant cost can be confirmed.

What are the hair characteristics that influence hair transplant cost?

There are a lot of factors which not only determines the cost of your treatment, but also whether you are a good candidate for hair transplant surgery or not. These include, hair colour, texture waviness and curliness. These characteristics can also affect cosmetic results.

How much will hair transplant cost me?

The price of your hair transplant procedure will vary depending on how much hair is transplanted. We can better illustrate the price range of hair transplant surgery by grouping patients into two categories, patients with moderate hair loss and patients with extensive hair loss. You can expect the cost of treatment for moderate hair loss to be between £3,000 and £8,000 while more extensive treatments can cost between £5,000 and £15,000.

Moderate hair loss

Extensive hair loss

Payment options for hair transplant procedures in the UK

Many clinics in the UK will offer finance options to most patients so you can spread the cost of your hair transplant procedure.

Some clinics may also offer a 12 month interest free option. For longer term payments you may be able to get low interest finance spread across 36 months.

Credit cards are also accepted by many clinics.

The cost-benefit of hair transplant surgery

Especially in the UK, the price of a hair transplant can be quite expensive and a significant investment, which might be a cause for concern. However, there is so much to be said for the cost benefit of hair transplant.

Many people experiencing hair loss also suffer from a loss of confidence, no matter how little the hair loss may be. As a result, many people resort to hiding what they perceive to be an imperfection by using products like powders and hairpieces. These not only fail to look natural but also have an ongoing maintenance cost.

A hair transplant on the other hand provides permanent natural looking hair, so there’s nothing to hide. Most importantly it can boost your self-confidence and get rid of anxiety related to hair loss.

Cost effective hair transplant alternatives

Over the past decade Turkey has been experiencing a huge surge in the numbers of people travelling to the country for hair transplant surgery, and for good reason. The cost of hair transplant is a fraction of that in the UK, many hospitals are ISO and JCI accredited and the medical teams are highly experienced.

Although traveling for medical care isn’t for everyone, if you are someone who is willing to travel abroad, it can be an excellent alternative that will save you time and money.

Get a free no obligation assessment by sending in your pictures to the clinic of your choice, get a price and pay nothing until you get to the hospital for your treatment.

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